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Scales and Measuring Devices for Pediatrics


Infant scales

seca 728: Electronic baby scale with digital display

seca 727: Electronic baby scale with digital display

seca 736nfc: Electronic baby scale with milk intake button

seca 334: Electronic baby scale with practical handle for convenient transport

seca 725: Mechanical baby scale with sliding weights

seca 345: Portable digital scale. Optional carrying case is available

Accessories Pediatric accessories

Diaper scale

seca 851 Digital diaper scale

Uniscales for the family practitioner

seca 706: The "kid friendly" digital scale with integrated TARE function is especially suited for use in pediatrics

seca 781: LC display and control elements are integrated into the column at waist level, additional TARE function

seca 881: Electronic personal scale with mother-and-child function

Infant Measuring Device


seca 418: Baby Board, for added accuracy, the headpiece is perpendicularly fixed

seca 416: Mechanical infantometer, with hand-hold for enhanced transportability

seca 207: Measuring rod for infants

seca 210: Measuring mat for infants and small children


Infant Growth Accessories


seca 200: Girth measuring tape with automatic retraction

seca 402: Baby bands measure baby's head circumference

seca 404: Graph ease plotting aid, for use with 405

seca 405: Growth charts for boys and girls chart newborns to 36 month on one side and 2 to 18 years on the other side


Cases for Infant Scales


seca 425: Case with rollers for seca 727 baby scale and seca 728

seca 423 Case for the seca 734 baby scale

seca 427: Case for the seca 345 baby scale

seca 428: Case for the seca 334 baby scale


Pediatric accessories


seca 231: Measuring rod for baby scale models seca 717, seca 738 and seca 739

seca 429: Head and foot support for baby scale models seca 717, seca 738 and seca 739


Special Purpose Scales


seca 954: Electronic chair scale with four wheels, and swiveling armrests

Wheelchair Scale

seca 664: Electronic wheelchair scale, collapsible, transportable by wheels

Hand Rail Scale

seca 644: Electronic hand rail scale, transportable by wheels

Bed scales

seca 984: Electronic bed and dialyses scale with digital display and four load cells with integrated mechanical lifter, equipment trolley

seca 784: A medically calibrated electronic bed and dialysis weighing machine


seca 430: Equipment trolley for the seca 784

seca 432: Special hydraulic lifter for the seca 784


Scales and Measuring Devices for Adults and Children


Column Scales

seca 789: Electronic column scale with integrated telescopic measuring rod

seca 781: Electronic column scale with LC display, additional TARE function

seca 782: Electronic column scale, mobile on two wheels, plug operated

seca 780: Electronic column scale, mobile on two wheels, battery operated

seca 700: Mechanical physician scale

seca 786: Mechanical scale with large round dial, stoveenamelled withe finish, chrome ring

seca 707: Electronic column scale with slim column, silver-anodized

seca 706: The 'kid friendly' digital scale with integrated TARE function is espacially suited for use in pediatrics

Accessories Accessories for column scales

Floor Scales

seca 770: Electronic personal scale, switch-off function

seca 881: Electronic personal scale with mother-child function

seca 880: Electronic personal scale

seca 882: Electronic personal scale with BMI-function and remote display on cable, approx. 80,000 weighing operations with one set of batteries

seca 843: Digital personal scale with ergonomically shaped platform

seca 841: Electronic personal scale with larger LC display than the seca 840

seca 840: Electronic personal scale in timeless design

seca 761: Personal scale with large dial

seca 750: High precision weighing mechanism in a classic white housing

Accessories Accessories for Floor scales

Height Measuring Devices

seca 242: Electronic measuring device for high precision

seca 226: High precision mechanical measuring device

seca 225: Mobile measuring unit on rollers, practical handle for convenient transport

seca 222: Telescopic measuring rod, for wall mounting with extra wide measuring slides

seca 220: Telescopic measuring rod for seca column scales

seca 216: Wall mounted stadiometer

seca 206: Tape measure for wall mounting or for portable use


seca 421: Robust, spacious case, designed for all flat scales

seca 220: Telescopic measuring rod for seca column scales





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