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Cardinal Bench Scales

EB-15 / EB-30: Waterproof stainless steel bench scales with 15 lb and 30 lb capacities, 10" x 12" platforms, and a variety of indicators to suit any need.

EB-60 / EB-150: Waterproof stainless steel bench scales with 60 lb and 150 lb capacities, 14" x 16" platforms, and a variety of indicators to suit any need.

EB-300: Waterproof stainless steel bench scales with 300 lb capacity, 20" x 24" platform, and a variety of indicators to suit any need.

Nautilus: Waterproof stainless steel bench scales with multiple weight modes, including lb/oz

4800 Series: Industrial Dial Scale with Specialty Pan

4700 Series: Industrial Dial Scale

4500 Series: Mechanical Platform Bench Scale - Beam Style

4420 Series: Mechanical Bench Beam Scale - Beam Style

1100 Series: Mechanical Bench Scale with Spring Dial


Cardinal Counting Scale

2240 Series: A standard benefit of the 2240 is the two separate displays; one for weight, the other for piece count and data input. This means that both weight and count can be viewed simultaneously.

Cardinal Indicators & Remote Displays

200: Simple 2 screw - side slide mounting assembly, pluggable/screw-terminal block for easy connectivity, 3/16 DIN aluminum panel mount enclosure, powers up to 8 - 350 Ohm load cells, and features two serial ports.

204: Large, 1" high LCD display, AC or DC battery power, auto shut-off and sleep modes, powers up to 4 -350 Ohm load cells, stainless steel enclosure.

204Sa: Waterproof NEMA 4X enclosure, large, 1" high LCD display, AC or DC battery power, auto shut-off and sleep modes, powers up to 4 -350 Ohm load cells, stainless steel enclosure.

205: Gross, tare, net conversion; accumulator, gross, and net; selectable key lockout; auto shutoff and sleep modes; powers up to 8 - 350 Ohm load cells, and features two serial ports.

210: These powerful instruments offer dual serial ports, seven different weight unit modes and can power up to 8 - 350 Ohm load cells.

210F: With a big and rugged enclosure, the 210 indicator is visible day or night. Durable weatherproof fiberglass prohibits errosion in abusive environments. Powers up to 8 - 350 Ohm load cells.

220: 200 IDs, 6 custom print formats, multiple print reporting, powers up to 14 load cells, NEMA 4X/IP66 stainless steel, full alpha keypad.

728: Gross, tare, net conversion, powering up to 4 load cells.

777: Alphanumeric keypad, four line backlit LCD, custom ticket and label printing, powers up to 14 load cells per scale card, modular design - 6 expansion slots.

788: Large 320 x 240 resolution, backlit, blue LCD display; 14 programmable soft keys; full QWERTY keyboard; six expansion slots; two bidirectional RS-232 ports; PC-101 keyboard connector allowing addition of a laser scanner wedge for bar code readling; one scale input card standard.

SB-80 Remote Display: 6-digit .8" high LED display, viewing range of 20 feet, AC adapter, and combination desk and wall-mount stainless steel enclosure.

SB-300 Remote Display: 3" high numerals, transflective LCD display, automatic back lighting, highly visible in all lighting, tough fiberglass enclosure.

SB-500 Remote Display: 5" (127 mm) high LED, outdoor enclosure with rainguard, wide-angle, long range viewing, autolearn feature, serial data input as either an active or passive 20mA current loop, RS-232 or RS422/485.

WinDDE: The WinDDE Server communicates with up to 20 weight indicators attached to the computer. The weight and status of the weight indicators is made available to spreadsheet and database applications by means of Dynamic Data Exchange.


Cardinal Floor Scales

Mini Hugger: 600 lb. capacity, 24" x 24" platform, single point sealed load cell, and adjustable feet

Floor Hugger: Heavy-Duty, Low-Profile, Electronic Platform Scales
Run-A-Weigh: Portable Electronic Drum Scale

854F: Portable, mechanical platform scale.
5852F-204: Digital receiving scale with battery powered indicator.

5852F: Digital platform scale
Dual capacity
Also available in 1000 lb /440 kg capacity


Cardinal Fuller Drum Filling Systems

Fuller Weighing Systems' liquid fillers combine accurate weighing scales, robust construction and state-of-the-art controllers to provide faster, more precise filling.  

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce material giveaway by preventing overfills
  • Improve customer satisfaction by eliminating underfills
  • Reduce labor costs by allowing operator to perform other tasks while filling


Cardinal Fuller In-Motion Checkweigher

Fuller Weighing Systems' CIM100 In-Motion Checkweigher keeps your production line humming to reduce labor costs while providing accurate weight of each package.  Available in your choice of two conveyor sizes, the Fuller In-Motion Checkweigher blends seamlessly into your line for fast, efficient weighing.  A number of options are available to customize the CIM100 to fit your specific application, whether it's packages, parts, or food handling.

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